Magento Store Management, Los Angeles

Magento is a large, complex system that can take a while to get a grasp of. Almost anything is possible, but it takes some time to understand the best way of doing it. SMDesign Studio can help – we can guide you through any problems you’re having and offer assistance with anything you are trying to achieve with your online store.

Our Magento support and management service go beyond development. We are available to make functional changes, structural/layout changes, design changes or content changes whenever you need.

To get the best out of your eCommerce business you need a reliable partner to manage your online store, create custom features when necessary, and get all the data to make informed business decisions. We can provide assistance with any of the tasks considering behind-the-scenes Magento content management of your online store:

  • Product catalog management, including product imports, categorization, and more
  • Setting up promotions and sales
  • Media uploads and CMS page creation
  • Configuring Payment Gateways, Shipping Options and Tax Rules
  • Customizing checkout process
  • Integration with 3rd party sales channels and services.
  • Magento settings and overall configuration.

Creating Engaging Content

One of the many advantages of Magento design is the ability to edit content and add new elements to the page. You can add text, images, blocks of content, videos, call to action or banners to drive promotions and sales. Our Magento Content Management team will help you with any changes you would like to make to your website. We will add new sections to your website, CMS pages, CMS blocks or anything you need to create unique and engaging content for your customers.

Store Dashboard

Magento Store Management

There is no need to spend hours of your time on things you do not know well, and just cannot perform in an efficient way that will add to your bottom line. Having a dedicated team of developers as your back-end team will create a strong platform for launching your business to success. You can rely on us to finish any task quickly and efficiently, from inventory management, copy & content writing for your product descriptions, exporting customer info to product uploads.

Product Import and Categorization

Need assistance to manage your product uploads and take the hassle out of inventory management, so you can concentrate on the core activities of your business? Whether you are planning to add a new product or withdraw some from your current line of products we can help you. We offer product upload services including taking on your configurable and bundled products and we can import a large number of products in bulk using our in-house developed Magento Import.

Integration with CRM, ERP and POS systems

Integration of eCommerce stores to other systems can save time and money, make managing many aspects of store management much easier, create a solid foundation for the online business and hugely contribute to the overall success of a company. However, integrating Magento store integration to other systems can be a challenging task. At SMDesign we have successfully integrated Magento with a number of different CRM, ERP and POS systems over the years and we can help you with seamlessly integrating any third party solution for easier and more effective management of your eCommerce business.

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