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You don’t need a brick-and-mortar location to run a successful company. Your website is not only a perfect place to offer your products and services to the world-wide base of customers, but also a powerful marketing tool to build up you brand. The only downside is that setting up a fully functional and successful eCommerce site requires time, skill and careful planning. Don’t worry, you can focus on doing what you do best and leave all the technical stuff to us. We know what it takes to bridge the gap between your business and the internet.

Thanks to our experience in working with enterprise-class companies we know can gear our eCommerce development strategy towards meeting your professional goals. Through constant iteration and reviewing we build eCommerce web sites that are fast, reliable, offer great customer experience, boost your conversion rate and increase revenue. We are here for you even after the site is launched to help you with managing your shop, customizing or adding functionality, and keeping it secure.

Magento is a powerful CMS trusted by the world’s leading brands. Thanks to its flexible and well supported PHP structure, Magento platform offers a great amount of customization options. It is open-source, which means that it can be fine-tuned to perfectly suit the demands of your business with different modules and extensions. With its powerful and flexible features, amazing customization potential and scalability, Magento is the perfect choice for both B2B and B2C companies. The only thing you need to make it fit your business is a reliable and skilled partner that understands your needs.

SMDesign Studio is a Magento development company that has been working with Magento since it was released. This powerful CMS offers merchants complete control over the look, content and functionality of their shop, as well as the ability to offer discounts, keep track of stock levels and even run multiple shops targeted at different markets. Our main focus has been on designing and developing amazing Magento web sites that are eye-catching, fast and easy readable by search engine.

Magento Design

Our Magento web design Los Angeles team is best at creating engaging experiences and stress-free path to purchase. We always aim to build user-friendly interface with recognizable elements in the right places, to help visitors navigate through your store and make the whole shopping journey easy and intuitive, from finding products to checkout.

Conversion Oriented Design

Your website is the core of your eCommerce strategy. It is a virtual storefront, a place of business, a digital salesman. If you want to maximize conversion rate and boost your sales you must pay attention to all the essentials: attractive design of a landing page, eye-catching call-to-action buttons, compelling content and meaningful images. For this reason SMDesign Studio makes sure that your Magento store looks great, but is also clear, simple, and easy to use. We look from user’s perspective to achieve that people-centered look and feel of your eCommerce store that will inspire action and generate success.

magento website design

Specialized Magento Designers

Magento offers amazing flexibility in terms of designing. From the look of your site to the way you configure your product categories and features, everything created with Magento can be customized to suit your business needs and goals. However, only someone that knows this open source eCommerce platform well can fully utilize its enormous potential. We have almost 10 years long experience in designing, developing and customizing Magento websites, and we have worked on projects in various industries: fashion and beauty, retail, automotive, real estate, pharmaceutical, education and others, from startups to Fortune 500. If you are looking for end-to-end solution, you are at the right place.

What you can expect from having your website designed by designers specialized in Magento:

  • Visual attractive design aimed towards building your brand.
  • Website that works across all browsers, devices, and looks flawless on all screen sizes.
  • Highly functional interface that won’t slow down your website.
  • Simple and intuitive navigation that allows for smooth and easy ordering.

Custom Extensions for Magento

Make your online store unique and recognizable by adding different functionalities and features that your customers will love. Our team of Magento experts has developed extensions that found their place in over 5000 stores around the world. We thrive on challenges and pride ourselves on the ability to find a perfectly tailored solution for every problem utilizing flexibility and endless possibilities of this powerful platform.

Extensions and plugins are one of the prime reasons for the high level of scalability and flexibility that Magento provides. As the name suggests, they extend the native functionality by helping store owners optimize their stores in order to expand their business or improve consumer satisfaction.

Over the years developers at SMDesign Studio have perfected the art of customizing and extending Magento capabilities. We have dedicated our work to helping people build the web shop of their dreams. We are ready to tackle any challenge and to turn any idea you have for your e-commerce store into reality.

Magento Extension Development

Beside developing fully functional and perfectly tailored stores for a wide range of clients, from small single store outlets to enterprise-class companies, we also have more than 6 years of experience in developing top-notch extensions for Magento e-commerce platform. We even have a division of our company exclusively dedicated to custom solutions for Magento websites, called Extensions Mall.

We are the pioneers of developing swatches extensions: our masterpiece is the very well-known Color Swatch that many merchants still love and use in their stores. Our licensed team of developers also stands behind many popular five-star extensions for both Magento Community and Enterprise editions. Our high standards and top quality have earned trust of clients in more than 80 different countries around the world.

Extending Magento 1 & 2 Functionality

Extensions are an important part of the Magento open-source ecosystem, and they are essential for building great websites using this platform. No matter what you are trying to do on your website, if Magento native features do not cover that, there is an extension that will make it happen. Here are some uses of Magento extensions:

  • Accomplishing specific functions that are important for the business
  • Improving customer experience with better product images, simple menu structure, dynamic category pages, and customized content.
  • Adding a layer of safety and convenience to online purchases.
  • Offering discounts, coupons, rewards, membership, and promotions, and increasing customer loyalty.
  • Integrating other platforms and services such as apps, social media, various payment systems, and email service providers.
  • Gathering better analytical data and making more accurate measurements possible
  • Extensions can be created for orders, checkout, shipping, buttons, marketing, integration, reporting, navigation, search, reviews, etc.

Magento Support, Repair and Maintenance

While every project begins with the construction phase, maintenance and support are integral parts of our clients’ long-term success. We support our clients with our own in-house team of developers and we try to solve any issues as soon as possible. Our Magento support service includes anything from little tweaks and fixes, applying patches, custom modifications to installing modules and extensions, various integration and solving any issues that may arise.

Technical Support by Experienced Magento Experts

Every website requires constant love and care. We know that managing your business leaves you little or no time to tend to your website’s needs. That is why we offer you a complete web maintenance and improvement service. You can leave the technical side to us.We support our clients with our own in-house team of developers and we try to solve any issues as soon as possible. For all the tech support, updates and changes on your website you can use flexible prepaid time blocks. Buy a number of hours of our time and then use these when you need support, updates or maintenance. Some of our support services are:

  • Ongoing maintenance and troubleshooting for technical issues
  • Performance enhancements
  • Speed optimization
  • Security audit of your website
  • Performance enhancements
  • Site backups
  • Magento Extensions installation and configuration

Keep Your Online Business Safe from Hackers

With the recent reports of critical vulnerabilities, there were many people that started to question the security of this platform. Truth is, Magento is as secure as you make it. If you take all the necessary precautions, install patches and implement best security practices, your store will be safe from hackers. SMDesign Studio can be your partner in securing your business. We can do a full audit of your Magento installation, install security patches for you or set up advanced monitoring techniques in order to guarantee you the best protection against security threats and to be able to react quickly in case of new issues.

Magento Migration

You’ve outgrown your current eCommerce solution? We can help migrate your current eCommerce infrastructure over to Magento to use its powerful and flexible features and amazing customization potential to scale your business. We will migrate all the features, functionality to the latest version of Magento 2.x , and transfer customer and product data, to a new database.

Magento Customization and Integrations

Magento is a large, complex system that can take a while to get a grasp of. Almost anything is possible, but it takes some time to understand the best way of doing it. SMDesign Studio can help – we can guide you through any problems you’re having and offer assistance with anything you are trying to achieve with your website. Our Magento support and management service go beyond development. We are available to make functional changes, structural/layout changes, design changes or content changes whenever you need.

To get the best out of your eCommerce business you need a reliable partner to manage your web store, create custom features when necessary, and get all the data to make informed business decisions. We can provide assistance with any of the tasks considering behind-the-scenes Magento content management of your online store:

  • Product catalog management, including product imports, categorization, and more
  • Setting up promotions and sales
  • Media uploads and CMS page creation
  • Configuring Payment Gateways, Shipping Options and Tax Rules
  • Customizing checkout process
  • Integration with 3rd party sales channels and services.
  • Magento settings and overall configuration.

Creating Engaging Content

One of the many advantages of Magento design is the ability to edit content and add new elements to the page. You can add text, images, blocks of content, videos, call to action or banners to drive promotions and sales. Our Magento Management team will help you with any changes you would like to make to your website. We will add new sections to your website, CMS pages, CMS blocks or anything you need to create unique and engaging content for your customers.

Magento Store Management

There is no need to spend hours of your time on things you do not know well, and just cannot perform in an efficient way that will add to your bottom line. Having a dedicated team of developers as your back-end team will create a strong platform for launching your business to success. You can rely on us to finish any task quickly and efficiently, from inventory management, copy & content writing for your product descriptions, exporting customer info to product uploads.

magento store dashboard

Product Import and Categorization

Need assistance to manage your product uploads and take the hassle out of inventory management, so you can concentrate on the core activities of your business? Whether you are planning to add a new product or withdraw some from your current line of products we can help you. We offer product upload services including taking on your configurable and bundled products and we can import a large number of products in bulk using our in-house developed Magento Importer.

Integration with CRM, ERP and POS systems

Integration of eCommerce stores to other systems can save time and money, make managing many aspects of store management much easier, create a solid foundation for the online business and hugely contribute to the overall success of a company. However, integrating Magento store integration to other systems can be a challenging task. At SMDesign we have successfully integrated Magento with a number of different CRM, ERP and POS systems over the years and we can help you with seamlessly integrating any third party solution for easier and more effective management of your eCommerce business.

Magento 2 Design and Development

At SMDesign we always aim to stay at the leading edge in incorporating new and trending technologies for eCommerce. Our development team is enjoying the challenge of learning the new system, and we have carefully studied new features and functionality since the Magento 2 has been released. Do you want to upgrade your Magento 1.x website to 2.0? We can do that. Do you want to build a brand new Magento 2.0 store from the scratch? We can do that too.

So, you’re ready to take your business to the next level and launch your online shop? We will make sure that your website has all the essential elements to really turn profits. If you want the best ROI, you need to invest in website that will not only look good, but also be properly branded, seo friendly, optimized for all screen sizes, showcase you products or services in the best way possible and provide your customers with intuitive browsing experience and hassle-free checkout. For the best results leave your eCommerce website design in the hands of real professionals.

Our comprehensive eCommerce services include:

  • Sales-oriented web design for your site;
  • Building a CMS powered store from the ground up;
  • Customizing your store with various modules and extensions;
  • Integrating third party software (payment processing, CRM, Marketing, Analytics and Performance Measurement Applications);
  • Technical assistance with everything regarding management of your store.

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