Custom Extensions for Magento

Extensions and plugins are one of the prime reasons for the high level of scalability and flexibility that Magento eCommerce platform provides. As the name suggests, they extend the functionality of Magento by helping store owners optimize their stores in order to expand their business or improve consumer satisfaction.

Over the years developers at SMDesign Studio have perfected the art of customizing and extending Magento capabilities. We have dedicated our work to helping people build the online store of their dreams. We are ready to tackle any challenge and to turn any idea you have for your e-commerce store into reality.


Magento Extension Development

Beside developing fully functional and perfectly tailored stores for a wide range of clients, from small single store outlets to enterprise-class companies, we also have more than 6 years of experience in developing top-notch extensions for Magento e-commerce platform. We even have a division of our company exclusively dedicated to custom solutions for Magento websites, called Extensions Mall.

We are the pioneers of developing swatches extensions: our masterpiece is the very well-known Color Swatch that many merchants still love and use in their stores. Our licensed team of developers also stands behind many popular five-star extensions for both Magento Community and Enterprise editions. Our high standards and top quality have earned trust of clients in more than 80 different countries around the world.

Extending Magento 1 & 2 Functionality

Extensions are an important part of the Magento open-source ecosystem, and they are essential for building great websites using this platform. No matter what you are trying to do on your website, if Magento native features do not cover that, there is an extension that will make it happen. Here are some uses of Magento extensions:

  • Accomplishing specific functions that are important for the business
  • Improving customer experience with better product images, simple menu structure, dynamic category pages, and customized content.
  • Adding a layer of safety and convenience to online purchases.
  • Offering discounts, coupons, rewards, membership, and promotions, and increasing customer loyalty.
  • Integrating other platforms and services such as apps, social media, various payment systems, and email service providers.
  • Gathering better analytical data and making more accurate measurements possible
  • Extensions can be created for orders, checkout, shipping, buttons, marketing, integration, reporting, navigation, search, reviews, etc.

Custom Solutions

Every business is different, so sometimes they require something more that ready-made solutions. Custom Magento extensions are also one of the options we offer. From the simplest solutions to the most complex ones, our team develops optimal extensions tailored to your vision. Why should you entrust us with developing a custom extension when there are so many ready-made ones? The answer is simple – we will develop a lasting solution that will fit your store perfectly and provide you with a round-the-clock support.

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