Magento Support, Repair and Maintenance

To make sure your Magneto website is in peak condition, it needs to be maintained. Not paying attention to security upgrades and other maintenance details can lead to many different problems later on. For optimum performance Magento requires regular updates and security patches installation. At SMDesign Studio we have a team of qualified technical support professionals to take care of any Magento issues. You can leave anything considering Magento to us: from little tweaks, to applying patches, all kinds of modifications to installing custom modules and extensions and reinstalling Magento.

Technical Support Tailored to Your Needs

Every website requires constant love and care. We know that managing your business leaves you little or no time to tend to your website’s needs. That is why we offer you a complete web maintenance and improvement service. You can leave the technical side to us.We support our clients with our own in-house team of developers and we try to solve any issues as soon as possible. For all the technical support, updates and changes on your website you can use flexible prepaid time blocks. Buy a number of hours of our time and then use these when you need support, updates or maintenance. Some of our support services are:

Magento admin panel

Keep Your Online Business Safe from Hackers

With the recent reports of critical vulnerabilities, there were many people that started to question the security of this eCommerce platform. Truth is, Magento is as secure as you make it. If you take all the necessary precautions, install patches and implement best security practices, your store will be safe from hackers. SMDesign Studio can be your partner in securing your business. We can do a full audit of your Magento installation, install security patches for you or set up advanced monitoring techniques in order to guarantee you the best protection against security threats and to be able to react quickly in case of new issues.

Magento Migration

You’ve outgrown your current eCommerce provider? We can help migrate your current eCommerce infrastructure over to Magento to use its powerful and flexible features and amazing customization potential to scale your business. We will migrate all the features, functionality to the latest version of Magento 2.x , and transfer customer and product data, to a new database.

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