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One Site Fits All Devices

In just a few years mobile has changed the way we read the news, watch television, play, communicate, socialize, shop, navigate. More and more businesses realize the great potential that lies in the small screens. Smartphones and tablets have also changed the approach to web design.

Today, having a website that is not optimized for mobile is like building a wall between you and your potential customers. Not to mention that it makes you look very unprofessional and can be a huge drawback to your business.

Responsive website is a must

Because mobile Internet usage is increasing steadily, it’s extremely important that your website is mobile friendly. Up until recently if you wanted to do that you would had to have a website designed for desktop users and another site specifically developed for mobile users. However with the responsive web design it is now possible to provide consistent viewing experience across all screens sizes – desktop, tablet, mobile. If implemented correctly, the user experience will be optimized regardless of screen size, which will result in sales boost, return visits, loyalty and engagement.

Design for responsive websites

Reasons to Go Responsive

  1. Probably more than half of your website visitors come from mobile. Last year mobile web browsing officially overtook desktop for the first time.
  2. Cost Effective. Responsive website is a smart investment – you do not have to create and maintain two websites, one for desktop users and one for mobile users, you just need one.
  3. Google will love you. The world’s most search engine recommends implementing responsive approach into web development, and gives responsive websites a slight ranking boost.
  4. Social media marketing is much simpler – Responsive websites make it easier for users to share and link to your content with a single URL.
  5. Your brand website will be compatible with all devices and platforms: Android, Apple, and Windows.
  6. You are ready for the future. You can be sure that you website will adapt to any device and any screen size that will emerge.

Mobile-first design

Even before responsive approach become standard in web design, there was a “mobile first” concept. Mobile first is the idea of designing the smartphone experience first and then working upwards to tablets, desktops, and possibly beyond. Designing a responsive site with a mobile first approach is a natural evolution of both ideas. Sometimes it can be very difficult to fit the comprehensive desktop layout into smaller screen space. Instead, it’s much better to start simple, by creating a mobile experience first, then work progressively upwards to more complex designs. This in fact, might benefit the desktop layouts as well, because the user experience will naturally be more focused.

SMDesign Studio team work with you to develop a responsive site from conception to launch. We have all the technical expertise and creativity to create custom made responsive sites that are functional and aesthetically pleasing on any screen size. You customers will see everything that your business have to offer, regardless of the device they are browsing from.

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