User Experience

We turn ideas into exciting digital experiences for users

The key to harnessing your site’s true conversion potential lies in crafting smart and intuitive user experiences and rich, targeted content that is easy to find and read. We believe that user experience is the driving force of effective web design and development. That is why UX design plays a vital role in our website building process.

UX design is about everything that affects a user’s interaction with your website, and enhancing customer satisfaction by improving usability, accessibility and pleasure provided in that interaction.

There are several key elements in our UX design process:

Discovery & Analysis

During this phase we research and analyze client’s needs and objectives, and also define how, when, where and why someone might use the product or service. Once we understand the needs and wants of a user, we can design an awesome responsive solution for them. This phase allows us to create informed user experiences that promote meaningful communication between brand and consumers.

Information Architecture & Wireframes

Once we’ve gathered and analyzed all the important data and brainstormed the ideas, it’s time to organize the content and develop the structure of the site. The visual design will be based on wireframes created in this phase: blueprints of page layout and how the content, interface elements, and navigation will work together. Wireframes will also shorten web development process.

Content Strategy

Content strategy signifies for the creation, delivery, and organization of useful, usable content. The goal of content strategists is to identify what content is required to successfully communicate your brand core message in a way that will engage consumers and inspire desired action.

User Interface Design

UI design is taking all the elements, and turning them into user-friendly, functional and efficient layout that allows users to complete a given task as quickly and easily as possible.

It’s impossible to create a usable, useful and visually enticing website without paying attention to user experience. UX design encompasses all aspects of the user’s interaction with the company, its services, and its products.

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