Whether you need an online brochure for your business or a large e-commerce store, we can make it beautiful. We have almost two decades of experience in making the internet a better place for businesses, providing them with stunning web design that can’t go unnoticed.

Did you know that people looking at your website form an opinion about you in the blink of an eye? If what they see looks outdated, unprofessional or confusing, that’s exactly what they will think of your business. Our creative agency will help you stay on track to success by refining the look and feel of your online location.

The first glance makes the difference between wanting more and moving on. Capture the attention of potential customers with attractive design and inspire them to stay by offering engaging experiences. You only have one chance to make the first impression.

From Wireframe to Amazing Digital Home: Every Step is Carefully Planned and Executed

It all starts with good planning: we focus on understanding your business needs, so we can plan content details and important elements to create an identity that sends a clear message and makes a long-lasting impression. Then it’s on to our skilled team to project a clean and functional layout that is intuitive and easy to navigate.

Discovery & Analysis

During this phase we research and analyze client’s needs and objectives, and also define how, when, where and why someone might use the product or service. Once we understand the needs and wants of a user, we can design an awesome responsive solution for them. This phase allows us to create informed user experiences that promote meaningful communication between brand and consumers.

Information Architecture & Wireframes

Once we’ve gathered and analyzed all the important data and brainstormed the ideas, it’s time to organize the content and develop the structure of the site. The visual design will be based on wireframes created in this phase: blueprints of page layout and how the content, interface elements, and navigation will work together. Wireframes will also shorten web development stage.

Content Strategy

Content strategy signifies for the creation, delivery, and organization of useful, usable content. The goal of content strategists is to identify the content required to successfully communicate your core message in a way that will engage consumers and inspire desired action.This ensures that the content is not just a placeholder on your website, but it gives your users a personalized web experience that deepens their engagement with your brand

User Interface Design & Production

UI design is taking all the elements, and turning them into user-friendly, functional and efficient layout that allows users to complete a given task as quickly and easily as possible. This stage is where all the elements finally start falling into place, and it also marks the start of the development process. The development phase is one of the more labor intensive parts of the project, but it’s also the key to a successful website.

UX Design – a Secret to Creating Engaging Websites

You want to make sure that the visitors of your website stick around, and get what they came for in the easiest and most enjoyable way possible. It’s impossible to create a usable, useful and visually enticing website without paying attention to user experience. UX design encompasses all aspects of the user’s interaction with the company, its services, and its products. We aim to create a site structure that brings all your content assets together while providing a flow for your visitors in language they use and understand.

The key to harnessing your site’s true conversion potential lies in crafting smart and intuitive user experiences and rich, targeted content that is easy to find and read. We believe that user experience is the driving force of an effective website. That is why UX design plays a vital role in our website building process.

UX design is about everything that affects a user’s interaction with your website, and enhancing customer satisfaction by improving usability, accessibility and pleasure provided in that interaction.

Responsive Web Design by Professional LA Website Designers

In just a few years mobile has changed the way we read the news, watch television, play, communicate, socialize, shop, navigate. More and more businesses realize the great potential that lies in the small screens. Smartphones and tablets have also considerably changed the approach to web design.

Today, having a website that is not optimized for mobile is like building a wall between you and your potential customers. Not to mention that it makes you look very unprofessional and can be a huge drawback to your business.

Responsive website is a must

Because mobile Internet usage is increasing steadily, it’s extremely important that your website is mobile friendly. Up until recently if you wanted to do that you would had to have a website designed for desktop users and another site specifically developed for mobile users. However with the responsive web design it is now possible to provide consistent viewing experience across all screens sizes – desktop, tablet, mobile. If implemented correctly, the user experience will be optimized regardless of screen size, which will result in sales boost, return visits, loyalty and engagement.

responsive websites
  1. Probably more than half of your website visitors come from mobile. Last year mobile web browsing officially overtook desktop for the first time.
  2. Cost Effective. Responsive website is a smart investment – you do not have to create and maintain two websites, one for desktop users and one for mobile users, you just need one.
  3. Google will love you. The world’s most search engine recommends implementing responsive approach into web development, and gives responsive websites a slight ranking boost.
  4. Social media marketing is much simpler – Responsive websites make it easier for users to share and link to your content with a single URL.
  5. Your brand website will be compatible with all devices and platforms: Android, Apple, and Windows.
  6. You are ready for the future. You can be sure that you website will adapt to any device and any screen size that will emerge.

Mobile-First Design

Even before responsive approach become standard in web design Los Angeles, there was a “mobile first” concept. Mobile first is the idea of designing the smartphone experience first and then working upwards to tablets, desktops, and possibly beyond. Designing a responsive site with a mobile first approach is a natural evolution of both ideas. Sometimes it can be very difficult to fit the comprehensive desktop layout into smaller screen space. Instead, it’s much better to start simple, by creating a mobile experience first, then work progressively upwards to more complex designs. This in fact, might benefit the desktop layouts as well, because the user experience will naturally be more focused.

SMDesign Studio web designers work according to best practices to develop a responsive site from conception to launch. We have all the technical expertise and creativity to create custom made responsive sites that are functional and aesthetically pleasing on any screen size. You customers will see everything that your business have to offer, regardless of the device they are browsing from.

Do You Give Your Visitors a Blast From the Past?

You have put a lot of time and effort into building your company. Over time your business has grown but your company’s web page has stayed more or less the same. You may be in need of a redesign. We can make your site fresh and up-to-date. Visual changes are only part of the equation; we also take care of how visitors will interact with your revamped image and make sure that it goes along with your SEO strategy.

Redesigning your website is a huge undertaking. When launching a new website any result is turn for the better, website redesign has the potential to make, but also to break your business. If the overhaul of your website is done right, your business should see a positive return pretty quickly.  More traffic, higher conversion rate, lower bounce rate, more leads and, ultimately, more sales and increased revenue, these are the goals we have in mind when we create a fresh new look for your website.

Our Los Angeles Web Design Services

Custom Website Design

custom website design services LAYour website is the foundation for starting a meaningful relationship with your consumers online and in the real world.  A well-designed custom website presents your products or services in an engaging manner, encouraging people to spend time on the site learning about your business. We know how to design custom digital masterpieces that present you in the best possible way.

Content Management System (CMS) Websites

cms websites designContent Management System does not always mean templates and generic websites. A good CMS website design will be tailored to your requirements and your content. Here at our Los Angeles web design company we have an experience in working with platforms like WordPress, Magento and Shopify and creating beautiful sites that give you full control of the content.


branding iconOnline presence is fuel for your brand. And we know that it is more than just a nice logo and a catchy slogan; if you want to make your brand unique and memorable, every pixel counts.We know how to build a meaningful and recognizable brand identity to help you reach your goals and earn trust from your clients.

Logo Design

branding iconThe visual aspects leave a strong impression, and we all know first impressions are everything. Your visual identity begins with a memorable logo that conveys positive associations to your brand. We will design a logo for your company that is one-of-a-kind, versatile, memorable and a perfect demonstration of all that your brand strives to represent.

We are a Full-Service California Web Design and Development Company

SMDesign Studio is a digital agency based in Los Angeles that focuses on superior design, precise web development and building powerful ecommerce websites. Since 1999 we have been building masterfully crafted solutions that lead to richer online experience, increase customer engagements and growth. We are highly skilled team of professionals, who have been handpicked for their expertise in web design, development, online marketing and branding.

Over the years, we have been involved in projects for clients in various business areas: fashion and beauty, retail, automotive, real estate, pharmaceutical, education and other industries. Our capabilities include: creative web design, brand identity design, ecommerce solutions, Magento development, search engine optimization and marketing strategy.

Web Development

web development iconThere is more to a successful web page than looks. Stunning design must be followed by high-level structure and functionality. Our team of experienced and highly skilled web developers will make sure that your website lives up to your expectations. Website development includes converting the site design into search engine friendly and standards compliant HTML / CSS, as well as any JavaScript required for animations, hover effects, dropdowns, and other. Learn More…

Search Engine Optimization

SEO and Digital Marketing IconBeing a full-service Los Angeles web agency, with designers, developers and digital marketing specialists working under the same roof, we build our websites to be search engine-friendly from the start. SEO is completely integrated with our web development, so you can be sure that your digital strategy will have a strong foundation and will be supported by the strong and optimized site structure. Learn More…

Magento Design & Development
Digital Marketing