The Natural Detox Company


BIORAY, The Natural Detox Company, makes liquid herbal supplements for adults and children that naturally remove toxins, support immunity, and replenish strength and vitality to the body and mind. BIORAY’s products have been expertly formulated from the highest quality certified organic ingredients, tested and used by patients and their doctors for over 21 years.


BIORAY approached us seeking for website redesign because the fundamentals of how they do business have changed over the years. They also wanted to consolidate their sub-brands, such as BIORAY Kids, under the Bioray’s umbrella, and unite all of their product on the same website.

Bioray was also looking to increase their website rankings and ultimately increase revenue generated online. Despite being a well-established company and widely known bradn, their website at the time didn’t reflect that in search engine results, due to poorly optimized pages.


Based on BIORAY’s requirements SMDesign Studio setup and deployed a brand new Magento 2 Open Source based ecommerce site for them. With a more buyer-centric perspective, we were able to create experiences that match how their customers are inquiring about services. Customers were not just looking for a product, but looking for a solution to a problem; a helping hand to achieve a particular health goal.

SMDesign rebuilt and redesigned the client’s website to be more responsive and SEO friendly, complete with optimization of the top landing pages, categories and product pages.


The new website design greatly improved customers’ journey. BIORAY now has a powerful digital asset built on a powerful eCommerce system able to tackle complex product data presentation and workflow requirements. New products or categories can easily be added, while maintaining the organic look and feel of the site, as a testament to their all-natural ingredients.


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