OjO Commuter Scooter is the ultimate two-wheel smart scooter, debuted at CES 2017 that presents a bike lane-friendly, zero emissions, clean, fun ride for adults.


The website needed to be created in order to support launching of the OjO scooter and positioning it as the cutting edge sustainable green technology solution for today’s evolving transportation needs. The website design needed to emulate the fun ride and the smart technology that the OjO e-scooter represents.


SMDesign Studio team have designed and developed a dynamic home page with design that is completely in line with what the brand represents. Clean design, parallax effect, sleek animations and superb product display provide a visually interesting user interface and showcase the urban feel of the OjO scooter. Background video on the home page highlights the experience of riding OjO: stable, fun, smooth and easily maneuverable. Custom animations combined with effective images and large typography introduce and explain the innovative features the product brings to the marketplace, like the Bluetooth speakers or a patented on-board charger. The website was also built with SEO in mind, which was a great foundation for all future search engine optimization and digital marketing efforts.


The OjO Scooter website communicates an authentic message of a brand that stands out, as well as stands for something: the real personal transport of the future and saving the planet with zero-emission technology.


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